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Therapeutic Services - Speech and Language

Speech and language therapy sessions target the student's individual goals for receptive and expressive language skills, as well as speech and sound production. Sessions also cover articulation/phonology, language, augmentative communication, voice/resonance, fluency and swallowing/feeding. Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC) technology is used as a primary source of communication for some students; other sources of technology, as well as manual signing, are used to facilitate and enhance communication skills for other students.

Music and movement is often incorporated into sessions. This helps with prosody, rhythm, pitch, duration, auditory memory and behavior. Games, activities and hands-on language experiences provide a context for practicing vocabulary, developmental concepts, sentence structure and articulation. 

All students receive individual speech and language treatment in addition to group language sessions. Adult trainees currently participate in small group social language. Assessments are conducted yearly for each student.

Madonna Learning Center provides a nurturing faith-based educational and social environment that empowers young and adult students with special needs to reach their full potential while offering support to their families.